Open-source libraries developed by CIRCUITSTATE for interfacing sensors, displays, and other peripherals.

ptScheduler – A non-preemptive task scheduler library.

Pretty tiny Scheduler or ptScheduler is a non-preemptive task scheduler library for Arduino that helps you to write non-blocking periodic tasks easily and effectively without using ordinary delay routines or using millis() function on your own.

R307 Fingerprint Sensor Library.

An Arduino compatible library for R30X series optical fingerprint scanner modules. Use this module in your project to add biometric authentication. The module can store up to 1000 fingerprints. This library implements most of the features supported by the module.

ISL1208 I2C Real-time Clock Library.

Arduino compatible library for Renesas/Intersil ISL1208 RTC chip with I2C interface. ISL1208 consumes very little power, and can wake a microcontroller through an interrupt output. Use this to add timekeeping in your projects.