NXP Hackathon 2021 – Electromaker Design Contest & Hardware Giveaway

Electromaker is collaborating with NXP Semiconductor to run an open design contest to find creative solutions implemented using i.MX RT1010 and R1020 microcontrollers.
Source: Electromaker

Electromaker in partnership with NXP Semiconductors and Mouser Electronics is conducting a design contest urging all makers to implement creative solutions using the NXP i.MX RT Cortex Crossover series MCU development boards. Electromaker is giving away 125 i.MX RT MCU 1010 & 1020 development boards to eligible ideas. You have to use any of these boards to realize your project. You can participate even if you did not win the giveaway kit. You can buy the boards from Mouser. Three best project submissions will be rewarded with cash prizes of €1000, €500 and €500.

i.MX RT1010

i.MX RT1010 are low cost and high performance microcontrollers designed for demanding edge applications. The Cortex-M7 core can be clocked at a maximum of 500MHz, reason why they are called “Crossover” MCUs. Available in LQFP80 package, they are rich in IO and peripheral features. RT1010 is part of NXP’s edge computing platform and applications can be developed using MCUXpresso software. MIMXRT1010-EVK is the evaluation kit available for development and costs ₹3,464 at Mouser.in.

i.MX RT1010 Internal Block Diagram. Source: NXP

i.MX RT1020

i.MX RT1020 also packs a Cortex-M7 core but with extended capabilities. The core can be clocked up to 500MHz. It has 256KB TCM SRAM and supports multiple external memory interfaces. The MCU is available in 144LQFP and 100LQFP packages for flexible designs. MIMXRT1020-EVK is the evaluation board available and costs ₹5,241 at Mouser.in.

i.MX RT1020 Internal Block Diagram. Source: NXP


  1. i.MX RT1010 Microcontroller – NXP
  2. i.MX RT1020 Microcontroller – NXP
  3. MIMXRT1010-EVK – Buy i.MX RT1010 evaluation board from Mouser
  4. MIMXRT1020-EVK – Buy i.MX RT1020 evaluation board from Mouser
  5. NXP i.MX RT Crossover series MCUs

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