Arduino Edge Control : Remote Monitoring and Control Solution from Arduino Pro

Arduino Pro has released a remote monitoring and control solution called Arduino Edge control. The board features uBlox Nina B306 BLE 5 module and two Arduino MKR expansion slots.
Arduino Pro Edge Control board. Source: Arduino

Yet another addition to the Arduino Pro product lineup is the new Arduino Edge Control, a fully integrated board for remote monitoring and control applications of any type. The board is based on the Nina B306 from uBlox which uses Nordic Semiconductor‘s nRF52840 BLE 5 SoC. The design aims at smart edge applications such as smart agriculture, precision farming, and other intelligent control applications.

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Arduino Edge Control Specifications

MicrocontrollernRF52840 (64 MHz Arm® Cortex-M4F)
Digital Input6x edge sensitive wake up pins
Digital Output8x latching relay command outputs with drivers
8x latching relay command outputs without drivers
Relays4x 60V/2.5A galvanically isolated solid state relays
Analog Input4x 4-20mA inputs
8x 0-5V analog inputs
16x hydrostatic watermark sensor input
Terminal Block Connectors6x 18 pin plug in terminal block connectors
Power Supply12 V Acid/lead SLA Battery Supply
(Recharged via solar panels)
Power ConsumptionLow power (up to 34 months on a 12V/5Ah battery)
200uA Sleep current
Memory1 MB onboard Flash memory
2 MB onboard QSPI Flash memory
SD CardInterface for SD Card connector (through expansion port only)
* Requires Arduino MKR board
PeripheralsFull-speed 12 Mbps USB
Arm CryptoCell CC310 security subsystem
High speed 32 MHz SPI
Quad SPI interface 32 MHz
12-bit 200 ksps ADC
128 bit AES/ECB/CCM/AAR co-processor
Operational Temperature-40° C to +85° C (-40° F to 185°F)
Length104 mm
Width86 mm
Arduino Edge Control specifications

With the two Arduino MKR expansion slots, the Edge Control board can have Wi-Fi, 3G, NB-IoT, Sigfox and LoRaWAN capabilities. The board can be powered through a micro USB or a 12V Lead-Acid battery. The battery can be coupled with a solar charging system to run on its own. Once installed in the field, it can then be managed remotely using Arduino IoT Cloud or other such services making use of the wireless features.

This is useful when you want to install the device in outdoor environments that may be in remote locations. Sensors can be connected to the board for real-time remote monitoring of parameters. This is particularly useful for applications like Smart Agriculture. Weather conditions, soil quality, crop growth are some of the parameters interest in such applications. The data sent to cloud can provide better analytics and support for business processes at various levels.

Edge Control board layout. Source: Arduino
Edge Control board. Source: Arduino
Example application with two MKR 1300 boards and and LCD module. Source: Arduino

A getting started tutorial is available on the Arduino Pro website. The Edge Control board costs $199, excluding taxes, at the Arduino store.


  1. Buy Arduino Edge Control – Arduino Store
  2. Arduino Edge Control – Getting Started Tutorial
  3. Edge Control Board Datasheet PDF
  4. Pinout Diagram PDF
  5. Schematic Files ZIP
  6. Buy from Arduino store
  7. Arduino IoT Cloud
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