Portenta Breakout : Expand The Development Capabilities of Arduino Portenta Boards

Arduino Pro released a breakout board called Arduino Portenta Breakout to enhance the development, testing and debugging capabilities of their Portenta H7 industrial development platform.
Portenta Breakout Board. Source: Arduino

Arduino Portenta Breakout is a new breakout board from Arduino Pro, to expand the developing, testing and debugging capabilities of Portenta family boards. Portenta is a family of industry-ready products from Arduino, the open source hardware company. The Portenta H7 was their first product. The new breakout board allows the high density pins to be wired out as standard pin headers and connectors. This will allow engineers to easily work with different IOs and interfaces of the high performance STM32H747XI host processor.

Interfacing connectors and slots. Source: Arduino
Official release video

The new breakout board includes a header to interface OpenMV Global Shutter Camera Module directly to the board. This allows the rapid development of machine vision applications leveraging the power of Portenta H7. The other features include,

  • Power ON button
  • Boot mode DIP switch
  • Connectors
    • USBA
    • RJ45 GBit Ethernet
    • MicroSD card
    • OpenMV shutter module
    • MIPI 20T JTAG with trace capability
  • Power
    • CR2032 RTC lithium battery backup
    • External power terminal block
  • I/O
    • Break out all Portenta high density connector signals
    • Male/female HD connectors for interposing breakout between Portenta and shield to debug signals
Arduino-Portenta-Breakout-Board-2-1-OpenMV Global Shutter Camera Module interfacing
OpenMV Global Shutter Camera Module interfacing. Source: Arduino

Portenta Breakout Specifications

EthernetRJ45 GBit
Memory slotMicro SD card
Camera connectorOpenMV shutter module
DebugMIPI 20T JTAG with trace capability
ConnectorsHD male/female
RTC power batteryCR2032
Length164 mm
Width72 mm
Weight0.069 Kg
Arduino Pro Portenta Breakout specifications

The new Portenta breakout board is available at the Arduino store for $45.99, excluding taxes.


  1. Buy Portenta Breakout Board – Arduino Store
  2. Portenta Breakout Board – Datasheet PDF
  3. Portenta Breakout Board – Schematic ZIP
  4. Pinout Diagram PDF
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