Xiaomi 24 Piece Precision Screwdriver Kit – Review

Review of one of the best precision screwdriver kits in the market from Xiaomi.
Xiaomi 24-piece precision screwdriver kit

A screwdriver is a ubiquitous tool found in any toolbox, and a screw is a universal fastener that we can’t live without. While there are a few types of screws that can be hand-driven, the rest of them needs a suitable screwdriver to drive them. For these reasons, you will need a set of different types of screwdrivers in your toolbox if you are into building things or taking apart them. It is possible that you already have them or planning to buy a new one. Then you might find this review helpful. Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, has a discrete category of products in their lineup than you might expect. These range from backpacks, and Lego toys to screwdrivers. Why would a smartphone manufacturer make screwdrivers? Well, why can’t? Xiaomi is popular for the value they deliver through their products in return for the money you pay. It has been their success mantra. If that strategy can be adopted for other products, it will only improve their brand recognition.

Today, we are reviewing the 24-Piece Precision Screwdriver Kit from Xiaomi. This is the only screwdriver kit from the manufacturer. A precision screwdriver kit is essential when you want to work with small electronics such as smartphones. Small electronic devices require small screws to assemble them, and small screws are delicate in design and require precisely-mating drive heads and smaller forces to drive them. Too much force can damage the screw threads or heads, not to mention the damage done to the device itself. Precision screwdrivers are manufactured using precise manufacturing techniques with tighter tolerances. We have been using precision screwdrivers even before the age of small electronics, mainly for watchmaking. A precision screwdriver is an indispensable tool for any watchmaker. My father was a watchmaker; therefore, I grew up seeing these kinds of tools and breaking many of them when I was a kid. The engineering behind mechanical watches is actually mindblowing. The precisely machined metal parts of a mechanical watch are assembled with the help of tiny steel screws. They are so tiny with sizes comparable to a grain of sugar. The screwdrivers my father used were mostly of Japanese origin. I still have and use those tools even today. But I wanted to buy a new set that includes Torx and other different heads.

There is a wide variety of precision screwdriver kits in online markets like Amazon. Most of them are Chinese-originated randomly named brands. We can’t be sure about their quality, reliability, and long-term performance. That’s when I prefer branded products where the specifications are guaranteed to be within what is specified. Let’s see what makes Xiaomi 24 Piece Precision Screwdriver Kit an excellent choice.

Aluminium alloy metal case

Features and Specifications

  • 24 Anti-rust precision bits
  • Handle made of Aluminium alloy with magnetic socket
  • Aluminium alloy storage case with latching lock
  • Magnetic storage compartment
  • Maximum torque: 2 Nm
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Type of bits: Y1, Y0.6, PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, SL1.5, SL2.0, SL3.0, W1.5, P2, P5, T2, T3, T4, T5H, T6H, T8H, T9H, T10H, H1.5, H2.0, U2.6, 2.3
  • Dimensions: 168 x 67 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 280g

Ergonomics and Quality

The first thing you will notice about the Xiaomi precision screwdriver kit is its build quality and minimalism. The case is made of good-quality Aluminium alloy with a sand-blasted texture. The metal case has good strength and you don’t need to worry about accidentally denting or deforming it. The storage compartment will be in a locked state inside the metal case. You just need to gently push on the plastic top to unlock it. Locking and unlocking the Xiaomi screwdriver kit is very satisfying, and I do it often just to enjoy it. Once unlocked, the storage compartment will slide off the metal case easily. Be careful not to drop it after unlocking. The bits remain in their places thanks to the magnetic base. There is enough magnetic strength to hold the bits and removing a bit from its position is a no-brainer. The screwdriver handle requires a plastic snap-fit slot since it is made of mostly non-magnetic alloy. Removing the handle is also effortless.

The bit types are marked on the plastic base just above their corresponding places. But you don’t need to worry about using the labels to find the right bits, because all bits have their types and sizes precisely engraved on them. Are these bits anti-rust? I did not make any deliberate attempt to figure out whether they are anti-corrosion or not, but from the words of Xiaomi, they are most likely made of some ant-rust alloy. My kit so far has no rusty bits after a few months of usage. So that’s assuring. Another thing to note about the anti-rust feature is that it is not achieved by some coating that will shred off eventually or uses any chrome plating to prevent oxidation. The metal alloy itself must be an anti-rust one, which is a good choice. Thumps up to Xiaomi.

The handle is another precisely machined metal piece consisting of two parts. The top side (where you place the index finger) is a cylindrical stub that freely rotates around the center of the handle. It does so well precisely with an unnoticeable play. The top piece also has a convex dent on it where you can rest your index finger while driving the handle. The middle section of the handle has three faces in a triangular arrangement. I am not sure if three faces are an ideal choice but 3 is a beautiful number, and so I like it. The tip of the handle is where the cavity for the bit is, and it has a magnet placed inside to hold the bits. There are no labels, extra grips, or extra nothing. It’s a precise and clean metal handle.

Even though the plastic storage compartment seems like a single piece, it is actually made of two pieces snapped together so well. I did not try taking them apart but I am pretty sure how the magnets are placed inside. The actual locking or latching mechanism is within the metal case on the other end. Not much possibility of inspecting the latch mechanism. Whatever that is, the spring-loaded latching mechanism is extremely smooth and snappy and it is an example of clever product engineering. I really love it when a subtle feature of a product is made to look subtle with clever engineering.


There is nothing specific mention about the usage of this tool. It is straightforward. Just take a bit from the compartment and insert it into the socket of the handle. The bit will automatically snap in place. Always use the correct bit that fits perfectly on your screw. Otherwise, you will damage the screw or the bit. Speaking of damages, if the screwdriver bit is not hardened enough, or it is made of a softer metal than the screw, then the bit will chip off when you try to use it. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen with the Xiaomi screwdriver set.


Apart from the details I already shared, there is nothing else much to talk about the Xiaomi precision screwdriver set. It’s another quality product from the Xiaomi ecosystem. I own many other Xiaomi non-computer products and all of them meet or exceed my expectations of quality. If you are looking for a good-quality precision screwdriver kit, this can be a great choice. There are cheaper and similar-looking sets on Amazon and other places, but you can never be sure about their quality. Xiaomi precision screwdriver kit is available for around Rs.1299 from the official Mi India store.

  1. Buy Xiaomi 24 Piece Precision Screwdriver Kit – Mi India Store
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